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Hi! We’re Ralph and we’re so happy you’re here. We’re developing plant-based pet food right here in New Zealand. Filling your pet’s bowl with nutritionally complete, tasty food that’s not only good for their health, but better for the planet and all animals too. 


Hana started Ralph after her rescue dog, Foxy (above), joined her family in 2020 and they were faced with an ethical dilemma - would we have to go against our values and start buying meat?

After much research and talking to vets, she found out she could give Foxy a happy and healthy life on a plant-based diet. The problem was, there were not as many options for vegan dog food in NZ as there were overseas.

Hana was already an established plant-based entrepreneur in NZ, with her fun side project, Vice Cream - New Zealand’s first dairy-free ice cream truck. Vice Cream flourished for 3 years until Covid put an end to big events.

Equipped with this business experience, plus her passion for ethics and sustainability, Hana set out to thoroughly research the science behind plant based pet foods, understand the market, and seek help from non-biased experts to create her own vegan pet food. And so began Ralph; a science-backed, animal nutritionist-developed pet food that puts the dog’s health first, above all else. 

Cheering from the sidelines are her husband Sam and their 4 children Indy, Phoenix, Sonny and Lucia (and now Foxy), who all live together in Queenstown, NZ.

Hana and her family are excited to bring Ralph to the market in 2022. There is a strong team of experts behind Ralph, including animal nutritionists and food scientists, plus with backing from Callaghan Innovation, you can be confident your best friend is getting everything they need, whether they’re fully plant-based or a flexi-dog.



Ralph is a small company with a big mission:


To foster innovation in the pet food industry towards plant-based and cultivated proteins, and in doing so, help create a more sustainable and compassionate world.


Our first range of products will be 100% plant-based and vegan, and include the best sources of plant and cultured ingredients available, such as pea protein and nutritional yeast. In the future we will expand our range to treats, wet food, cat food and look to develop cultivated meat proteins where no animals are harmed.

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